The Bapco Modernization Program (BMP) represents a major expansion and upgrade of the facility that will allow the total Refinery throughput to increase up to a maximum of 380 thousand barrels per day (MBPD).

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The largest single project investment in the history of Bapco

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Currently Bapco operates a Refinery complex located in the East of Bahrain on the Arabian Gulf coast, to the south of Sitra Island and approximately 10km south of Manama. This Refinery has a current production capacity of 267 MBPD and also operates storage facilities for approximately 14 million barrels of crude feedstock and products, a marketing terminal and a marine terminal for its petroleum products. Approximately one-sixth of the crude feedstock originates from the Bahrain Field, with the remainder being pumped from Saudi Arabia through the A/B Pipeline. 90% of Bapco’s refined products are exported via the Sitra marine terminal.

The Project seeks financing from a wide range of Bahraini, regional, international Lenders and export credit agencies (ECAs) and is subject to relevant environmental and social standards (Lender Standards).

Three main objectives of the BMP

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Repurpose fuel oil into lighter, more valuable products like diesel and kerosene

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Improve energy efficiency levels

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Meet and exceed local and international regulations on environmental footprints

The strategic objectives:

  • Refinery Configuration and Gross Margin – A revised configuration shall allow for higher throughput, improve the product slate by converting more bottom of the barrel into high value products, and increase gross margin with the objective to remain competitive under a wide range of prices and market scenarios.
  • Energy Efficiency – The BMP shall improve energy efficiency and lower the Energy Intensity Index (EII) of the Refinery by installing energy efficient new crude and process units.
  • Environmental Compliance – All new units shall function in compliance with applicable local environmental regulations as well as Lender Standards.

The facilities and units that make up the Bapco Modernization Program (BMP) have been designed from the outset to be in full compliance with Bahraini legislation, and in line with the international guidance requirements. BMP will usher in a new era for Bapco and indeed the Kingdom of Bahrain. As such, it is our vision and mission to ensure that the facility is designed and constructed in a manner that is beneficial to the Kingdom of Bahrain for generations to come.

To ensure that all potential environmental and social impacts that may result from the Project are appropriately mitigated, a detailed Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) was conducted. On the basis of the ESIA, Bahrain’s Supreme Council for Environment (SCE) issued an Environmental Approval to the BMP in December 2016. Since then, Bapco has commissioned a number of supplementary E&S studies to gain an even greater understanding of its action consequences. Transparency is a critical aspect for corporations in modernity and modern society. As such, Bapco has chosen to publicly disclose a number of documentation pertaining to the BMP that may be of interest to the general public. Please see below the Environmental & Social Documents related to the Bapco Modernization Program (BMP):

Throughput levels will increase from 267 thousand barrels per day to 380 thousand barrels per day

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